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Chocolate Binge Festival Application

Sunday, December 3, 2023    11am to 4pm

Inclement Weather Date:  Saturday, December 9, 2023


Exhibitor Application

Since it’s beginning, the Annapolis Chocolate Binge Festival continues to flourish under the direction of the Inner West Street Association. The event spans the entire block of Annapolis’ historic West Street. Your acceptance to the festival is based on the committee’s assessment of quality of work and its appropriateness for the general audience. 


There are various ways to participate. This form is for exhibitors only. Only chocolate vendors, along with vendors who provide chocolate, will be allowed to participate. No commercial/corporate merchandise will be considered. If you are interested in participating but don’t fit the criteria, please contact our Event Director Audrey Lee to discuss sponsorship opportunities.  All fees are non refundable.  

Chocolate Vendors are required to offer “free samples” of their product.

Past festivals averaged 7,000 visitors. This year we are again selling “sample tickets”. Chocolate Vendors are required to have samples of their products and our ticket pre-sales will help determine how many “free samples” each vendor will need to supply the day of the festival. Tickets will be sold at 15 for $15.00. Consumers must present a “sample ticket” for a “free sample”. At the end of the festival, vendors  redeem the tickets for a payout of 50 cents per ticket.

Note: electric hookups are limited. First come, first served, while available.

If you are not producing or selling chocolate, you are considered a Non Chocolate Gift Vendor.  

New / Returning Vendor
CHOCOLATE VENDORS (Choose your space size)

 If you are selected for participation, you will be invoiced.

Do NOT send payment until you receive notification that you have been selected. 

Important Application Dates​ - APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 2023
Invoices will be sent out after you have been accepted to the festival.



Chocolate Binge Festival 2023 


By signing this application, you agree to the following: 

1. First time vendors need to submit photos with their applications to Chocolate Binge Festival. IWSA maintains the exclusive right to refuse vendors who, at IWSA’s sole discretion, do not meet event standards or add to an over-represented product category. 

2. The selling or promoting of tobacco, firearms, or illegal products is prohibited. 

3. Set-up time is 8:30am. Vendors must unload, then remove their vehicles from West Street before setting up their booths. All vehicles must be off the street by 10:30am 

4. Equipment (tents, weights, tables, chairs, etc.) must be supplied by the vendor. 

5. Vendors must secure their tents and/or umbrellas with suitable weights of a minimum of 40 lbs per leg. Vendors failing to use weights on all tent and umbrella legs will be rejected from the event without recourse. 

6. Vendor agrees to assume full liability for all injuries/ claims resulting from its equipment and for improperly securing tents, umbrellas and displays from wind and weather hazards. 

7. Due to live performances, IWSA prohibits vendor audio devices. 

8. The Vendor is responsible for the complete removal and disposal of all their material and trash from the event area. Vendors must bring their own trash bags and may not dispose their trash in the city trash cans. Food Vendors selling for onsite consumption or sampling must provide a trash receptacle for public use. 

9. Parking garages are available next to the event at the vendor’s expense. The state parking garage at 19 St. John’s Street offers free parking. Trailers are strongly discouraged because they do not fit in the parking garages. For info: 

10. Inclement Weather If the event is cancelled due to severe weather, an email will be sent by 8:00am the day of the event and posted on Rain date will be Saturday, December 9, 2023

11. Vendors that need to cancel must email notification to No refunds. 

12. Vendors that do not show and give no notice, or leave early, may be banned from all future events. No refunds. 

13. Vendor breakdown starts at 4:00pm. All Vendor spaces must be emptied by 6pm.

14. Proof of Liability Insurance must be submitted via email listing Inner West Street Association (P.O. Box 906, Annapolis, Md 21404) as additional insured. If vendor has employees at the event, proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance is required with applying. 

15. By participating in the Chocolate Binge Festival you are agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless Chocolate Binge Staff, Chocolate Binge Vendors, Chocolate Binge Volunteers, Inner West Street Association, the Inner West Street Association’s Board of Directors, officers, staff and contractors, Chocolate Binge Volunteers, the City of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County Government, Truist Bank and 35 West LLC from any damages, lawsuits or claims arising out of injuries or accidents occasioned by your activities. 

16. All Vendors are required to collect Maryland sales tax and have a Maryland State sales tax ID number. All vendors selling products must post their sales tax number at the event. Visit

17. Food Vendors must submit a copy of their Anne Arundel County Health Permit when applying. Food vendors that require a Health Department permit must also post the permit at the event. Visit www. 

18. All participants in the Chocolate Binge Festival agree to allow images and audio of their booth, art- work and persons to be used by IWSA for promotional purposes.

By signing, I agree to the terms stated in this application.  If accepted, I understand that vendor fees are non-refundable.   


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